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I want you, to take a good look at the terms below and tell me what do you see.

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Right, you guessed it. SEO is the acronym that stands out the most in addition to other words connected to it. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and is one of the most important processes for a website’s or businesses’ success and failure. What you have read above, are keywords that people type on Google, in order to discover what they’re looking for. And as I’m crazy about SEO and consider my name out there among other search engine optimization experts, I have decided to use similar keywords to explain where I’m getting at and what I’m trying to tell you.

A little bit about me

I’m writing (yea ok, typing, whatever), after a really long time. I used to be a web content writer once upon a time and that is how my digital “guru” career actually took off.

I started way back in early 2015. I had recently resigned from my job in Dubai, and came back to Pakistan in December 2014. One fine lady, who is now also a long time friend gave me a chance at writing. I had read her blog and added her on FB (that was not the time when sending a friend request was considered harassment 😄). We chatted a few weeks and she found my English up to the mark for writing web content. I worked the first week for free and she corrected my tone and structure a few times. After that, she started paying me Rs. 0.5 per word.

My happiness knew no bounds when I got my first deposit from her. I had actually made money off the internet. Wow! After that, it was an uphill battle trying to find work and marketing my writing skill. While being a writer I kept coming across terms like SEO, PPC, HTML, WordPress, hosting, content etc. Search engine optimization was booming here and I wanted to become an SEO expert in Karachi.

I decided to start exploring these other skills as well. By the end of 2015, my writing rate increased to Rs. 1.0 per word and I was well into my journey of learning about SEO, digital marketing and web development. I also signed up to Fiverr and went to a level one seller in a few months. SEO was also one of my gigs offered in addition to content writing but I was still far from being an SEO expert in Pakistan. By the end of 2016, I had increased my content writing rates to Rs. 2 per word and had also landed a few web development projects.

In the start of 2017 I actually registered my freelance digital agency as I wanted to offer the best SEO services in Pakistan and thought that I would appear more professional, and I was right. I regularly get work from clients in Dubai, US, UK, and Pakistan. Last year, one of Karachi’s leading agencies signed me up as a sub-contractor, but this was for translation projects and not because I was running an upcoming SEO company in Karachi, in case you’re thinking that.

By the end of 2018, my writing rates went up to Rs. 5 per word and I have been getting quality work this way.

As of 2019, I have only been managing the work with my Canadian partner a team of 5 freelancers and we work with SEO, web development, graphics design, and social media management. I figure there comes a time when you think you can stop doing the actual work and manage things and this brings a great movie quote to mind (can’t remember the movie now).

“The art of good business is being a good middleman.”

Being an SEO consultant in Pakistan, has its perks and if you are an seo service provider company in Karachi, even better. Karachi is a sprawling metropolis, housing around 200 million people from all over the country and all walks of life.

Why the SEO craze?

SEO solutions are the way forward for the digital world. Any brick or mortar establishment which aims to make their presence known online will have to settle for a great SEO campaign.

If you happen to be a startup or a small scale business in Pakistan, it is likely that you will invest in expert seo services being offered by the best seo company in Pakistan. Mind you, top notch SEO charges in Pakistan are high and it is wise to be really sure before opting for SEO.

SEO helps your business website rank higher in search results thereby enabling you to bring in more traffic and ultimately drive more conversions. Whether you are an SEO expert in usa or offer the best SEO services in UAE or you’re the best SEO agency in Pakistan, one thing is certain. You are optimizing your customers’ businesses so they get more traffic to their sites and hence, convert more leads into sales.

SEO involves technical SEO where onsite SEO and offsite SEO, both matters equally. Onsite deals with how user-friendly is your website or webpage to the search engine. Are the keywords in order? Is the alt-text in the image proper? Is the content length desirable etc.?

Offsite SEO steps even further, by enabling you to market that webpage, blog or even your overall brand on noticeable forums, platforms, social media and you name it!

At CVOLX, one of the top seo companies in Pakistan, , we make sure we provide you with the best in best SEO in Pakistan. We can safely say, you will not find any better digital marketing services than our’s, as we are the best locally and have left our footprint globally as well.

We will strategize your SEO campaign based on the size of your business as well the project or product hand because every brand’s need varies. We know that, and we strive hard to tailor our planning and execution according to your needs.

CVOLX is professional SEO company in Pakistan, and has been in the business for over a decade now. In that time, we have learned by doing, our team has expanded, and our services have multiplied. Speaking of services let us fill you in on a little about our services that we offer you – our clients.

Why is search engine optimization (SEO) SEO important?

Search engine optimization is the way forward as everything today is becoming digital. In this day and age where every brick and mortar establishment is seeking to maintain their presence online, expert SEO services and techniques can come in real handy.

The idea is to rank your business in the top 5 of any search engine results page aka (SERP). For that to happen, your website or webpage must appear at top position on (mainly) Google and Bing. At CVOLX, we help you with technical SEO practices so that search engines crawl your website effortlessly and present it to your target customers.

Onsite SEO and offsite SEO are both imperative to rankings. The former will make your website search engine friendly, and the latter focuses on promotional activities to further push your business website in the online sphere.

How can CVOLX SEO Services company help?

SEO is not a cakewalk. It requires careful planning and timing for a campaign to be successful. Any brand or company that relies on SEO cannot simply expect results overnight. CVOLX is one of the top search engine optimization firms for small and large companies, and is well versed in the domain of ranking in Google and related services.

Our SEO agency services explained

SEO is not only concerned with managing your brand’s presence organically in an online world rather it is a bundle of services which supports one another. Let us take detailed look at some of these aspects.

  1. Social media

The importance of social media cannot be denied. Today Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ among other social media networks are helping brands multiply their revenues and enhance user engagement.

Moreover, when you engage socially with your desired audience, you are embedding an element of trust in their hearts and minds. Say Twitter, replying to a tweet from an annoyed customer can do wonders for your brand in addition to ranking organically.

  1. Email (marketing)

Email is another domain. When the visitors sign up on your website, it is your duty to offer them something valuable. Asking for their email simply and not providing them anything useful is rude.

That is where email marketing steps in. when a user registers on your website, in order to drive conversion, offer him a free ebook pertaining to your niche or a newsletter filling him on the latest developments in the industry. This way he does not feel left out and eventually tries out what you have to offer.

  1. Content (marketing)

At every point in time, you will notice that good content is a must. No matter which channel you employ, be it social media or email, well crafted content will only bring you results. In other words, good copy is what will make your endeavours worthwhile.

This can be understood in the way that when you read a tweet or view an instagram post, you notice how engaging the text is or what does the caption state beneath it, that captures your attention. This is equally true for Facebook posts as well as LinkedIn. Brands and influencers alike, leverage content to the maximum to gain followers and customers or else, a user will not bother.

  1. Web/ Website design and development

CVOLX’s SEO services have made sure that your business’s online presence is covered end-to-end. And web design is at the helm of your brand management. A good web design ensures that your user stays on your website and interacts with the website.

It is the web design which is responsible for seamless navigation, menus placement, page load time and speed, in addition to colors, font sizes and overall features of your website. If all these elements are properly addressed, you can expect a winning combination of website design and SEO.

  1. Paid search or PPC

Just like SEO, there is paid search. As the name implies, you have to pay make your presence noticeable. While SEO takes time for your landing pages, blogs and website to rank, with paid search or pay-per click advertising you can rank these instantly.

All you have to do is bid on your preferred industry keywords and the rest will be taken care of by us at our SEO service company, CVOLX. However, paid search is not for everybody especially if you are a startup or a small scale business. Medium and large business have the budgets and they can even take a hit if paid search fails or decent results fail to materialize. For any other business, it could mean a hefty hit out of their budgets.

  1. Ecommerce

If your entity specializes in ecommerce, then you are in luck. At CVOLX SEO Services company, we also employ CRM platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento and Shopify to enable our clients to get the best in ecommerce website.

Coupled with our prowess in SEO, your business will take off in the least possible time!

So the above was a bit about what services we offer in addition to best local SEO services in Karachi for our clients.

Some info on our digital marketing team

Our team is comprised of seasoned digital marketers that involves content producers, social media marketers, paid search managers, SEO experts, web developers, graphic designers and animators. Rest assured, our team is what any best SEO company of the world would work with and we can confidently say that CVOLX is among the top 10 seo firms in Pakistan. The individuals pack years of experience and can handle any task assigned by our client professionally and will execute them to perfection!

What do we charge?

Pricing is the key element that any client prefers to go in detail. We have designed packages that will suit your needs and business size. You can have our SEO services coupled with any of our other services mentioned above.

That was a little something about me and my journey to be one of the agency’s offering the best search engine optimization in Pakistan.

That being said, patience and perseverance pay off in the long run. The best thing anyone can do to be successful is to always consider themselves students and keep learning while staying humble. In my time of being connected to the online field over 4 years, I have seen many fake ass gurus in all fields and they get caught sooner or later. I will also write in another article about how I was scammed by one of the top sites of the world offering one of the best SEO tools names Xrumer.

Written on my phone, might edit this later.

Thank you for reading. Cheers!

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  1. Viktor and Paul helped my startup achieve nearly 1700% ROI. I was in debt and entirely not profitable prior to speaking to them. Thank you so much!

  2. I found some clients who wanted me to do things I could not do. For me, clients are really difficult to find, so I told them I will do it anyway. I contacted many different digital marketing agencies, and they all seemed like a scam, overpromising and underdelivering. Finally I called up Paul who incredibly lived just 45 minute drive from me and he came over and gave me free consultation, and full white label contract for my business. CVOLX did the work, but I got to put my name on it, save my business and my reputation. Forever grateful.

  3. Usmadin Jegatovic

    Hey Paul! I am so glad to see you guys are still around. Just getting things finished up on my end, things Viktor suggested I do before we begin, and will be ready to start with you guys next week.

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